Codependency Recovery

Codependency underlies all addictions. The core symptom of “dependency” manifests as reliance on a person, substance, or process (i.e, activity, such as gambling or sex addiction). Instead of having a healthy relationship with yourself, you make something or someone else more important. Over time, your thoughts, feelings, and actions revolve around that other person, activity, or substance, and you increasingly abandon your relationship with yourself. Codependents struggle with being who they think others want them to be. Through the healing of codependency, a human being finds the opportunity to become self-actualized in the purest form. This journey towards self-realization is as much neurological as it is spiritual and as much physical as it is meta-physical. Join me on the journey as I unpack Codependency with author and expert Lisa Romano, who has devoted her life's work to this topic.