Feel Good Friday

Every month I appear on AM Northwest, KATU’s popular TV morning show. I offer wellness tips to improve your confidence, health, relationships and spirit. You can tune in at 9:00 am live on the first Friday of each month, or watch the clips below. If you are interested in booking a public speaking engagement or TV, internet or radio broadcast, please contact me.

watch the clips!

Stop Being a People Pleaser

Friendship in the Digital Age

What is “Sober Curious”?

8 Thoughts To Stop Obsessing Over

Make Summer Memories on a Budget

Befriend Your Inner Critic

Bad Habits That Block Happiness

Create a Successful Morning Routine

Strategies for Dealing With Toxic People

Love Your Body/Love Your Extra Weight

The Best “Feel Good Friday” Lessons of 2018

What Women Put Up With That Men Don’t

Worry Less

Redefine Your Ideas on Aging & Beauty

Warning Signs of a Hoarding Disorder

Cultivate Happier Relationships

Creating Optimism in a Pessimistic World

Surprising Reasons You're Feeling Tired

Aging Differences Between Men and Women

Things Never to Say to a Narcissist

Face Your Fears

How Your Mate Impacts Your Health

Lessons Learned From the #MeToo Campaign

The Things Nobody Tells You About Aging

How to Handle an Empty Nest

The Best Aspects of Getting Older

Feed Your Soul

Rules Every Traveler Should Follow

Intuition is Your Super Power!

The Gifts of Failure

Develop Your Courage Muscles

How to Get What You Really Want in a Relationship

Mentally Detox for a More Positive New Year

De-Stress Yourself For The Holidays

Choices We Make that Kill the Love

Unlearning Life Lessons That Don't Work

Why Manners Always Matter

How To Handle Mean People

Break Free from Codependency

Turn Off Those Negative Thoughts

Killer Confidence in 8 Steps

Tiny Changes to Create a Happier Life

7 Thoughts That Destroy Love

Simple Adjustments that Reap Big Results in 2016

Control Your Holiday Control Freak








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