A lifetime of mind + body + spirit discovery


Laure Redmond is a published author, television personality, radio host and confidence coach practicing in Portland, OR and broadcasting internationally. Laure’s work is dedicated to helping individuals realize their true potential through attention to mind, body and spiritual principles and practices. Her trademark brand, Feel Good Naked™ has been featured on Oprah, KATU TV and most recently, VoiceAmerica Radio, in which she connects with a rich community of authors, academics and healers to bring awareness to an array of personal, social and cultural topics.  

Laure has cultivated her craft, message and mission for over thirty years, having started her career in New York City as a fitness coach to celebrities including Madonna, Rebecca de Mornay, Helen Hunt and Tom Cruise. Her focus on the power of movement to boost health, confidence and energy levels led her to produce a successful series of videos with Mary Tyler Moore. It was through Laure’s immersion in the fitness industry that she first came to understand the power and connection of body movement as a gateway to remove mental blocks, generate spiritual flow and facilitate emotional healing.

Today Laure continues her commitment to nurture and strengthen the body through her restorative movement classes called Stretch Appeal ™. These low-impact, high-energy classes combine inspirational music, light dance choreography and yoga balance poses designed to strengthen the mind and body connection. Laure also draws from time-honored mind-body-spirit principles to help thousands of private coaching clients step into their power and live with joy, confidence and abundance. The cornerstone of Laure's coaching practice is to guide individuals towards positive, authentic mental frameworks – a powerful tool in the manifestation of personal goals, self-confidence and happiness.

Laure is never afraid to go deep to explore the intricacies of human desire, relationships and spiritual evolution. Her weekly radio show has featured interviews around topics including body shame, trauma, addiction, recovery, astrology, sexual empowerment, surviving divorce and transformation through creativity.  

Laure lives what she teaches. She has personally experienced the power of mind-body-spirit integration to overcome significant life obstacles, including the loss of her mother at age sixteen. Laure is grateful to live her life purpose by helping others navigate their own paths to confidence, happiness and personal empowerment.