feel good naked

I wrote Feel Good Naked, 10 No-Diet Secrets For A Fabulous Body,  to help women learn to love their bodies. After spending decades working as a fitness professional with high-profile clients, I realized that beauty truly does come from the inside. It has to be nurtured emotionally and mentally in order to radiate out through the body. 

Feel Good Naked™ teaches that a woman’s magnetism has nothing to do with how much she weighs and everything to do with how she thinks. My 10-step no-diet program helps shed pounds and the underlying mental/emotional blocks of body hatred and insecurity. It’s all based on the inseparable mind/body connection and it works!

A woman’s magnetism has everything to do with the way she feels about herself and little to do with isolated body parts. When she walks into a room, everyone turns to notice her presence, her energy. Not one person notices her dress size. She is a woman who has high self-esteem and there’s nothing more beautiful.
— Laure Redmond