Infidelity 2.0

When you find out your partner has been sexually or emotionally unfaithful, you're in shock. You're angry and hurt, you feel betrayed, and you wonder whether anything you've believed about your partner is true. If you're the one who is involved with someone else, you feel like you've taken a drug you cannot resist, but you're stressed, confused, guilt ridden and afraid of being discovered. This disruption happens in over 40% of U.S. marriages. Today we're going to talk about why people break the bonds of fidelity, and the questions you must ask yourself---whether you're the one who has strayed or the one who discovers your partner. What tools can you use to cope with this relationship crisis? What can you learn from it? How can you navigate it, particularly if you have children and the stability of your home is at risk? And one more question to consider: Can an infidelity sometimes improve a marriage?