The True Task Of Love

When you fall in love, you’re high on the ways you’re similar, in tune with each other and sexually excited. You fall in love with your differences too, loving what you admire in the other, and the adventurous contrast to your own history. But then comes the inevitable next stage of love: you’re painfully disappointing to each other. Both you and your partner stop putting each other first. You revert back to the quirky and unique people you are, who want things your way and now seem unaware or unwilling to sacrifice too much for the other. You often feel angry, distant, and resentful. You lash out, or withdraw. This is when the true task of love begins. Dr. Bonnie Comfort will be teaching us how to fight well, how to tolerate disappointment, how to forgive, and how to bring your expectations in line with the reality of a very imperfect other and a very imperfect you; ultimately leading to the most satisfactory intimacy.