Release the past, Free the future, become present

Confidence Coaching teaches you how to build positive mental frameworks that enrich and sustain self esteem. My methods are solution-based — I offer psychological and spiritual tools that you can put into practice right away. Through the process of embodying a confident mindset, you are able to become your best self and open up to a world of possibilities. 

While my approach is always driven by results, my techniques are completely tailored to your unique needs and experiences. Individual sessions are offered in-person or on the phone for 60 minutes, and are best maintained on a weekly basis.

My areas of focus include:

  • Teens and Family
  • Developing Self-Esteem
  • Surviving and Thriving Through the Divorce Process
  • Weight Loss and Health
  • Empowering Personal Relationships
  • Finding Vocational Pathways
  • Grieving and Overcoming Trauma